Access to Justice

The Access to Justice program offers a continuum of services, beginning with outreach and education, leading to victimized workers contacting our legal team, which allows us either to provide them legal representation or connect them with the attorney or advocate best-positioned to advance their workplace rights.


Since our founding in 2014, over 1,400 workers have completed a full legal intake process with Towards Justice regarding wage theft and other workplace rights violations. Given our small staff, we cannot represent every worker with a meritorious claim. We have therefore built a network of community, attorney, nonprofit, and government advocates and prepared them to assist individual workers in recovering earned wages.

This Access to Justice Program includes partnerships with both the state and federal Departments of Labor, continuing legal education and technical assistance to our growing network of collaborating attorneys, local non-profits, and training and support for our non-attorney advocates - called Just Wages Navigators. Education, support, and network building creates a comprehensive resource that allows Towards Justice to educate workers about how to recover stolen wages and then connect them directly to the individual best positioned to help.

Towards Justice serves as a clearinghouse that helps expand access to justice by connecting workers to appropriate legal resources, and educating workers about legal resources in the community, including:


- private lawyers
- pro bono attorneys
- non-profit legal service providers
- just wages navigators
- government agencies

Working in partnership with these professionals, Towards Justice empowers workers to insist on the dignity of work. If you are an attorney or organization interested in joining the Towards Justice Collaborating Attorneys Network, click HERE.

Towards Justice educates workers and the community about employment rights, wage theft, how to defend against exploitation, and how to seek redress. 

Listen to Executive Director, Nina DiSalvo share more about our Access to Justice Program.