In English:

Colorado Public Radio: Immigrants At Aurora Facility Move Forward With Forced Labor Lawsuit

CBS Denver: Judge Rules Detainees Can Proceed With Lawsuit Against ICE Facility

The Seattle Times: Appeals Court: Immigration detainees' lawsuit can go forward

NPR News: Appeals Court Broadens Immigrant Detainee Case Alleging Forced Labor

Correctional News: New Report Questions Detainee Labor Compensation at Private Prisons

NPR News: Big Money As Private Immigrant Jails Boom

Bloomberg News: Are Private Prison Companies Using Forced Labor?

APnews: Ex-detainees: Detention center's practices border on slavery

Mother Jones: How a private prison used detained immigrants for free labor

Onlabor: The Use of Forced Labor in Private Immigration Detention Centers

FSRN: 60,000 immigrants held at Colorado facility sue GEO Group for forced labor

Mint Free Press: Lawsuit may set precedent on forced immigrant labor in private prisons

NPR: Can for-profit prisons force detained immigrants to work?

Law Week Colorado: Class Certification Granted in Detention Center Lawsuit

Fusion: A Colorado judge just granted 62,000 former immigrant detainees the right to sue GEO Group over forced labor, enrichment

The Washington Post: Thousands of ICE detainees claim they were forced into labor, a violation of anti-slavery laws

Denverite: About 60,000 people now involved in lawsuit claiming forced labor at Aurora immigration detention center

The Denver Post: Class action suit: Immigrants held in Aurora required to work for $1 a day, threatened with solitary if refused

The Christian Science Monitor: Forced to work? 60,000 undocumented immigrants may sue detention center

Vice News: (Forced) labor dispute

The Daily Beast: Detainees Sue Private Prison for ‘Forced Labor'

International Business Times: Prison Slavery: Over 50,000 Detainees Claim Forced Labor, Sue Private Prison Company

Law 360: Judge OKs Class Of 50K Detainees In TVPA Suit Against Geo

Law 360: Prison Company Denied Reconsideration in Detainee Labor Case

Law 360: Prison Company Seeks Reconsideration In Detainee Labor Suit

NPR: At Low Pay, Government Hires Immigrants Held At Detention Centers

Huffington Post: Private Prison Company Forced Immigrants To Work For Free, Lawsuit Says

Westword: GEO Lawsuit Alleging Forced Labor of Immigrant Detainees Moves Forward

The Seattle Globalist: Judge OKs forced labor lawsuit against detention center contractor

The Denver Post: Lawsuit accuses Aurora private prison of paying immigrants $1 a day

Colorado Public Radio: Immigrant detainees in Colorado suing prison company over labor practices

Aurora Sentinel: Lawsuit accuses Aurora immigrant jail of forcing inmates to work

States Without Nations: GEO Sued for Minimum Wage and Forced Labor Law Violations, and Unjust Enrichment

Colorado Public Radio: Colorado immigrant detainees’ labor claims may be part of national issue

Huffington Post: Detention Center Forced Immigrants To Work For $1 Per Day Or Face Solitary Confinement, Lawsuit Says


In Spanish:

Telemundo Denver: Inmigrantes demandan a centro de detención GEO

UNIVISION: Se entabla demanda contra GEO por forzar a trabajar a reclusos

Telemundo Denver: Dan luz verde a demanda contra GEO

7News Denver: Demandan cárcel de indocumentados, obligan a inmigrantes trabajar por $1 o gratis


In Swedish:

SVERIGES RADIO: 60 000 personer kan ha utsatts för tvångsarbete i Denver