Luis Bautista et al v. Carl Karcher Enterprises LLC et al

With Towards Justice as counsel, current and former employees of Carl's Jr. restaurants filed a lawsuit in California State Court alleging that Carl's Jr. and its parent company CKE have engaged in a conspiracy to suppress the wages and working conditions of the restaurant-based managers who run hundreds of Carl's Jr. restaurants across the state. Plaintiffs allege that defendants illegally colluded to restrain trade by agreeing not to hire certain employees from one another. This “no hire” agreement prevents employees from seeking higher wages and better working conditions at competing Carl’s Jr. restaurants, and allows defendants to pay less and treat employees worse without worrying that employees will leave. Plaintiffs request damages to compensate for wage suppression and ask the court to enjoin this illegal restraint on trade. Towards Justice represents the plaintiffs in collaboration with co-counsel at Tostrud Law Group, P.C., and Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca, LLP.





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