Menocal et al v. GEO Group Inc.

Together with co-counsel, Towards Justice filed a class action lawsuit against the GEO Group, Inc. (GEO), which operates a 1,500 bed immigrant detention facility in Aurora, CO, on behalf of civil detainees who worked for GEO for either $1 per day, or for no wages at all. Towards Justice alleges that GEO’s labor practices violate not only Colorado’s Minimum Wage Order, but also federal law prohibiting forced labor.  The action seeks redress for plaintiff Alejandro Menocal and other detainees, and works to close a loophole that undermines minimum wage protections for all Colorado workers. “When GEO opened its facility in Aurora, it intended to create jobs, but Colorado workers can’t compete with forced labor. Colorado workers can’t compete with $1 per day,” explained Executive Director Nina DiSalvo. “We are proud to stand with Mr. Menocal against abusive employment practices, and to demand that work in Colorado advance human dignity, not just GEO’s bottom line.”

In a historic ruling, a multi-million dollar federal class action lawsuit, filed by nine federal immigrant detainees against private prison contractor The GEO Group, Inc. (second largest private prison contractor in the nation), received the green light to go forward. The lawsuit, filed by current and former detainees held in Aurora, Colorado, alleges that GEO violated the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) and demands millions of dollars in damages for forced labor and unjust enrichment. Towards Justice Executive Director Nina DiSalvo hailed the ruling as “a tremendous victory for civil immigrant detainees nationwide,” further stating that the decision would permit Towards Justice to “address the systemic problems with GEO’s treatment of immigrant workers through the legal system.” Towards Justice represents the plaintiff current and former detainees with co-counsel Milstein Law Office, Buescher, Kelman, Perera & Turner, P.C., The Meyer Law Office, and The Law Office of R. Andrew Free.



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