Towards Justice defends economic stability for working families by providing direct legal services to low-wage workers. Towards Justice’s flexible and strategic attorneys represent clients who otherwise would go without legal representation, bring cases that redress wrongs against large groups of workers, and advance legal analyses that protect future workers. Using impact litigation strategies, Towards Justice creates opportunity for working families today and tomorrow.

Luis Bautista et al v. Carl Karcher Enterprises LLC et al

With Towards Justice as counsel, current and former employees of Carl's Jr. restaurants filed a lawsuit in California State Court alleging that Carl's Jr. and its parent company CKE have engaged in a conspiracy to suppress the wages and working conditions of the restaurant-based managers who run hundreds of Carl's Jr. restaurants across the state. Scale.jpg


Menocal et al v. GEO Group Inc.

Together with co-counsel, Towards Justice filed a class action lawsuit against the GEO Group, Inc. (GEO), which operates a 1,500 bed immigrant detention facility in Aurora, CO, on behalf of civil detainees who worked for GEO for either $1 per day, or for no wages at all. Towards Justice alleges that GEO’s labor practices violate not only Colorado’s Minimum Wage Order, but also federal law prohibiting forced labor.


Valverde v. Xclusive Staffing, Inc. et al

Westminster-based company XClusive Staffing was recently recognized as one of the fastest growing women-led companies in the country.  Workers allege that such growth is due in part to the company’s rampant violation of the wage and hour laws.  In a lawsuit filed with Towards Justice as Counsel, workers allege that XClusive Staffing and its President Diane Astley have been stealing hard earned wages through illegal deductions and other wage and hour violations for years. Workers allege that XClusive continues to force its employees to pay to get paid – charging employees $3.00 on each payday to cover the cost of issuing their paychecks – and auto-deducting work time for breaks that employees are never allowed to take.


Beltran, et al v. Interexchange, Inc., et al 

A nationwide class consisting of tens of thousands of au pairs launched claims of price fixing, racketeering and wage theft against fifteen U.S. Department of State-designated “cultural exchange” sponsor organizations. Approximately 13,000 foreign, mostly female, workers between the ages of 18 and 26 provide live-in child care to American families through the J-1 visa program. Plaintiffs charge that these sponsors acted as a cartel to illegally set au pair wages far below the market rate and that some sponsors fraudulently misled potential au pairs in violation of racketeering, as well as consumer protection laws.2015.03.15-Johana-Paola-Beltran-1.jpeg


Solis v. The Circle Group

Workers at SkyHouse Denver filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of thousands of construction workers nationwide alleging a pattern of wage theft and discrimination at construction sites around the country. Defendant’s are accused of systematic exploitation of workers by refusing to pay them for all of the hours they work, refusing to pay overtime for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week, and pervasive sex and race discrimination that results in Latina female workers being paid less while performing harder and more dangerous work than other employees

Emmett Cromwell holds an American flag beneath SkyHouse Denver during a news conference announcing that SkyHouse workers reached a settlement about wage law violations, Dec. 20, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) construction workers; wage theft; downtown; denver; colorado; denverite;

Shepherds Across the West 

Federal Government has failed in its duty to protect workers and prevent wage stagnation in the sheep ranching industry. Clients allege that the United States Departments of Labor and Homeland Security - charged by Congress with preventing the influx of cheap foreign labor and the creation of a permanent, underpaid foreign workforce - have failed in these duties in violation of federal law.trailer.png