Not Paid for Work?
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Who We Are: Towards Justice is a nonprofit organization that supports workers who have experienced wage theft. Learn more about our staff, our work, and the workers we have served. Since 2014, we have supported over 1,400 workers and received judgments & settlements for workers totaling more than $2,300,000 in stolen wages, penalties and fees.  

What Is Wage TheftWage theft is when a worker is not paid properly for their work. Identifying wage theft can be tricky, if you answer YES to the questions below, you may be a victim of wage theft.  

- Did you work and not get paid?
- Did you employer take money out of your paycheck?
- Did your employer pay you for fewer hours than you worked?
- Did you work more than 40 hours in a week but not receive overtime?

How We Can Help YouIf you've experienced wage theft and would like legal assistance, our team provides free and confidential legal case analysis. 

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