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Westminster Company Forces Workers to Pay to Get Paid

Tuesday March 22, 2016:

Westminster-based company XClusive Staffing was recently recognized as one of the fastest growing women-led companies in the country.  Workers allege that such growth is due in part to the company’s rampant violation of the wage and hour laws.  In a lawsuit filed today, workers allege that XClusive Staffing and its President Diane Astley have been stealing hard earned wages through illegal deductions and other wage and hour violations for years.  

This is so despite five (5) investigations by the United States Department of Labor since 2011, and Ms. Astley’s repeated assurances that the company would stop stealing wages.  Despite those assurances, workers allege that Xclusive continues to force its employees to pay to get paid – charging employees $3.00 on each payday to cover the cost of issuing their paychecks – and auto-deducts work time for breaks that employees are never allowed to take.  

The workers not only claim illegal pay practices, they also accuse Ms. Astley of fraudulently assuring the government and Xclusive customers that the company would comply with wage and hour laws; assurances that allowed Xclusive to continue profiting off the stolen wages of its workers.“An employer charging workers for their paychecks and deducting time from time cards that was actually worked would always be disturbing,” explained Towards Justice Director of Litigation Alexander Hood, the attorney representing the workers. “But engaging in that conduct after repeated federal wage and hour investigations is beyond the pale.  Businesses should not be inflating their profits on the backs of their workers.”

"It’s sad that companies like Xclusive take advantage of workers," Said Plaintiff Isabel Valverde. "We should defend ourselves from those who take advantage of our need for work and steal our earnings."

"Towards Justice is proud to represent Mr. Valverde, who is bravely representing all Xclusive workers who were cheated out of their wages," said Towards Justice Executive Director Nina DiSalvo.  "Leadership of this kind is uniquely powerful in bringing people together and empowering workers to defend their rights."