Defending Shepherds Across the Western United States


Towards Justice represents current and former shepherds alleging that the Federal Government has failed in its duty to protect workers and prevent wage stagnation in the sheep ranching industry. Our clients allege that the United States Departments of Labor and Homeland Security - charged by Congress with preventing the influx of cheap foreign labor and the creation of a permanent, underpaid foreign workforce - have failed in these duties in violation of federal law.  All plaintiffs seek correction of the regulatory mess these agencies have created, and one current shepherd seeks back wages from his employer, the Western Range Association.

 Meanwhile, Towards Justice represents two former shepherds in a class action lawsuit alleging that ranchers across the Western United States colluded to depress shepherd wages, illegally deducted expenses from their meager paychecks, and misled state and federal governments in a pattern of racketeering activity.  The shepherds' complaint describes an industry that has manipulated temporary worker visas to push American workers out of the business and replace them with workers who are less likely to complain about egregious working conditions.



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