Press Release

Press Release


 Low-Wage Colorado Workers Recover $227,112 in Unpaid Overtime and Fees from Unscrupulous Employer

 Denver, November 15, 2016:  Last week, workers at Denver-based Sundance Steel won $227,112.52 in unpaid overtime and fees for themselves and a class of 111 other workers.

Miguel Heredia and other metal workers put together prefabricated metal buildings for Sundance Steel, often working over 70 hours per week but never receiving overtime compensation.  Although Sundance Steel required workers to sign independent contractor agreements, this blatant attempt to misclassify employees did not prevent Mr. Heredia from recognizing the injustice and coming to Towards Justice for help.  After fighting the workers’ case for three years, Sundance Steel finally agreed to pay workers their wages during a conference break in the trial that occurred in the Denver District Court last week.


“I am impressed by Miguel for standing up for his rights and the rights of other Sundance Steel workers,” said Towards Justice Director of Litigation Alexander Hood.  “Defending your rights is a tough task, and Mr. Heredia did it with dignity, patience, and often with his young family in tow.  Mr. Heredia and his family deserve the wages he worked so hard to earn.”

“I was in a bind at the time that I experienced wage theft, and this money will help my family – particularly my five kids – with bills, clothes and other necessities,” explained plaintiff Miguel Heredia.  “I’m thankful and glad that Towards Justice listened to me and actually cared about the outcome of my case.  It feels good to open the doors for other workers as well – now they can see that it all wasn’t for nothing.”

Towards Justice is still contacting workers eligible to receive payments from the settlement fund.  If you worked for Sundance Steel, contact Towards Justice at (720) 441-2236 to see if you are entitled to recover unpaid wages.