Federal lawsuit alleges labor misconduct at Denver beauty salon


By Esteban L. Hernandez
Posted May 18, 2018

When Lisa Miles was hired as a nail technician at Ella Bliss Beauty Bar in March 2016, she was told she would earn $3.90 in commission for a $78 combination manicure and pedicure service.

But that, according to a lawsuit filed by Miles in federal court on Thursday, never happened. She ended up getting just 85 cents in commission from those services, and receiving no additional payment for additional duties.


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Nail Tech Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Ella Bliss Beauty Bar

CBS4 Denver

May 17, 2018

Workers Sue Denver’s Posh Ella Bliss Beauty Bar for Wage Theft

Workers Sue Denver’s Posh Ella Bliss Beauty Bar for Wage Theft
Denver, Colorado: Today, Denver nail technician Lisa Miles filed a class action lawsuit in Federal Court alleging that Ella Bliss Beauty Bar systematically stole employees’ wages in blatant violation of state and federal law. Workers allege that Ella Bliss implemented systematic, written policies that were clearly illegal and denied workers the hard-earned wages needed to support their families. Wage theft is shorthand for a variety of ways that employers nickel and dime employees out of legally earned wages. In this case, Ella Bliss Beauty Bar forced its service technicians to perform janitorial work without pay, refused to pay overtime, withheld tips, and shorted commissions. Ms. Miles not only seeks her own back wages, but also the wages stolen from all Ella Bliss Beauty Bar Service Technicians. 
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A Response to “Rethinking Wage Theft Criminalization”

On Labor


Published April 20th, 2018

In his recent post, “Rethinking Wage Theft Criminalization,” Ben Levin argues that “the impulse to use criminal law for ‘progressive’ ends”—like combatting wage theft—“is dangerous; it serves to bolster the carceral state and all of its deep structural flaws.” We write from the perspectives of lawyers who have had extensive experience protecting workers’ rights, one as a former government enforcer and the other as an attorney at an advocacy organization. While we of course appreciate the deep structural flaws of […]

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By: Belén Smole

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Dos pintores denuncian robo de salario en Colorado. Según explican, les deben hasta 7 mil dólares en pagos y no saben cómo reclamar ya que sus patrones se encuentran en otro estado.

Wage Theft in Denver – Advocates call for change


“Wage theft is, in many contexts, one of the most under policed crimes in the state.” — David Seligman, Towards Justice attorney.

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When Migrants Are Treated Like Slaves

By: Jacqueline Stevens

New York Times

We’re familiar with grim stories about black-shirted federal agents barging into apartment complexes, convenience stores and school pickup sites to round up and deport immigrants. We’ve heard far less about the forced labor — some call it slavery — inside detention facilities. But new legal challenges to these practices are succeeding and may stymie the government’s deportation agenda by taking profits out of the detention business.

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Au Pairs, an International Class of Domestic Workers, Are Suing for Labor Protections

By: Parchi Gupta


When Linda was hired as an au pair for a family in Texas with three kids, she was promised 45 hours of work each week, plus room and board and an opportunity for enriching field trips and a chance to immerse herself in a new culture. She’d earn only $195.75 a week, but Linda—who did not want to reveal her full name to protect her privacy during pending litigation—had been an au pair before, in Pennsylvania, in 2007, and had a positive experience, so she’d applied to be an au pair for a second time. Once accepted, she flew from her native Germany to New York, where she learned CPR and nursery rhymes before traveling to Murphy, Texas to stay with her new host family. She was looking forward to another positive experience in Murphy.

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Combating Wage Theft in Denver

How the City of Denver Can Protect the Safety & Dignity of Workers


While Denver’s economy is booming, and our unemployment rate is hovering around 2%, too many of our working families are struggling to make ends meet. For many, the core impediment to economic mobility is not that they cannot find a job; it is that their employers do not pay them what they are owed. This harms workers, law-abiding employers, and the City itself, which loses out on critical tax revenue. Wage theft is one of the most under-policed crimes in Colorado, and it is time that the City of Denver join the ranks of progressive cities around the country in addressing the problem.



Workers Rights Settlement Allows Towards Justice to Expand Access to Justice for Wage Theft Victims Across Colorado Thanks to The Law Offices of Brian D. Gonzales

By: Nina DiSalvo

March 8, 2018, Denver, CO:  Towards Justice is honored to receive a $10,350 award negotiated by workplace justice attorney Brian D. Gonzales. Mr. Gonzales not only did justice for his clients, he also thought strategically about how best to combat wage theft in our state when negotiating a complicated settlement agreement. This agreement prevents money that cannot be dispersed to workers from reverting to defendants, and instead donates that money to Towards Justice, a Denver-based non-profit committed to combating wage theft.

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